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Rear View

Director: FERSON

It’s High Stakes for poker ace Billy when he’s forced to gamble it all following his father’s historic debt with a local loan shark. With family on the line and money not easy to come by it could be all or nothing for everyone.

  • 2022
  • 15 min
  • Comedy


Billy finds life tough when the loss of his farther re-surfaces following a bad beat by a cheating loan shark. His family struggles to repay the debt left behind and fear comes knocking when there’s no way out. His mother Carol is working two jobs and all the hours of the day to try and meet the demands of the historic debt but out of work Billy struggles to financially support himself and is an added burden to his mother whom he lives with.

With no job and no income Billy hopes the answer lays with his online skills to turn free tables into £10,000 to help clear his father’s debt for good.

Available Roles:

Frank Dunstan (40-50)
Billy’s dad and Son to Billy’s grandmother Margie. Heavy gambler at a loose end.

Billy Dunstan (18-23)
A rising and very bright young man (Unemployed), spends most of his time online, with friends or is helping his grandma at her allotment and family orientated with a very special bond with his grandma.

Margie Dunstan (Billy’s Grandma 65-70)
A tough old girl, was highly respected in the 70’s during her hay day and has had many run ins in the past with Vinny (mainly his farther) who she had a past relationship with.

Carol Dunstan (Billy’s Mum 38-48)
A broke woman, near wreck – worried about everything mainly the bills pilling up, struggling to hold down two jobs to clear her husband’s debt (smokes & drinks a lot).

Carl Williams (Gym Owner 50-60)
Knows and looks out for the family, was close friends with Billy’s Dad Frank before he was tragically killed.

Richie (Billy’s Best Mate 18-23)
Billy’s best mate – works at a car garage. A chatty and street wise character who lives everyday as it comes. Loves a good drink and rarely plays Poker but dabbles no and again.

Vinny (Gym Owner 55-70)
Local Gangster and Loan shark.

Sabastian (Card Dealer 23-40)
Young Card Dealer.

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Project info:

Short Film (15mins Runtime)

Casting Dates:
Mon 20th-24th September 2021

Filming Dates:
TBC (Expected Nov/Dec 2021)

Release Date:
April 2022

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